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Strona główna > Humanistyka > Filozofia > From the Absurd to Revolt / De l'absurde a la revolte :
From the Absurd to Revolt / De l'absurde a la revolte

From the Absurd to Revolt / De l'absurde a la revolte (brak głosów)

Dynamics in Albert Camus’s thought / Dynamique de la pensée d’Albert Camus
red. Maciej Kałuża , red. Piotr Mróz
ISBN: 978-83-233-4253-3
rok: 2017
format: B5
oprawa: miękka
język publikacji: English / French
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Opis Książki :

It has been over 65 years since the publication of The Rebel - a work considered by Camus to be the epitome of his philosophical endeavor. A far ery from considerations of individualism found in The Myth of Sisyphus, The Rebel offers a broad interpretation of modernity, one which aims, by means of measure, at finding a way of existing that condemns the propositions of the XXth century totalitarianisms. The aim of this book is to discuss the philosophical aspects of the two main concepts prevalent in Camus's philosophy: the absurd and revolt; highlighting the impact and importance of the latter to the philosopher's oeuvre.
Our primary aim was to found the debatę on the dynamics of Camus's philosophical travel. The analysis of the progression of thought, from the individualized experience and consciousness of the absurd to under-standing human revolt through solidarity seemed essential for our enterprise. We sincerely hope, that this book, presenting the conclusions of excellent Camus scholars will help the readers find new answers to old questions, as evoked by main philosophical concepts, found in Camus's writings.
Maciej Kałuża, Piotr Mróz
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