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Strona główna > Humanistyka > Judaika > Jews on route to Palestine 1934-1944 :
Jews on route to Palestine 1934-1944

Artur Patek

Jews on route to Palestine 1934-1944 (głosy: 8)

Sketches from the history of Aliyah Bet – Clandestine Jewish Immigration
ISBN: 978-83-233-3390-6
rok: 2012
format: B5
oprawa: miękka
język publikacji: Angielski/English
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Opis Książki :

The term Aliyah Bet refers to illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine in the period of the British Mandate for Palestine; it constituted one of the most effective methods of struggle of the Zionist movement for the sovereign state of Israel. Its history is marked, on the one hand, by clandestine activities and spectacular operations, and on the other, by dramatic events (catastrophes of sea liners carrying immigrants, deportations of refugees). The book discusses events without which one cannot understand the contemporary Israel.

Jews on Route to Palestine offers an objective view of the waves of illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine and illustrates their interactive nature. The title, however, is problematic, in that it omits any reference to Polish Jews or to the illegality of their immigration. The bibliography is extensive, including study questions and a timeline of events not directly associated with the subject at hand. In summary, although Patek's book is largely a synthesis, it is well-organized and makes an important contribution to the scholarship.
Farid Al-Salim, The American Historical Review >>
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