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The World in Economic Crisis
The World in Economic Crisis


Ilona Baumane-Vitolina
Change Management Experience in the Baltic States  9
Introduction  9
Theoretical background of the research  10
Research methodology  13
Main findings  15
Baltic managers from a Western perspective  18
Conclusion and implementation for managers  23
References  24
João António Furtado Brito
The Challenges of Economic Crisis in Portugal  25
Introduction  25
Economic growth, evolution of the Portuguese public accounts and outlook  26
Memorandum of Understanding – the economic adjustment programme  36
1. Fiscal sector  37
2. Financial sector  38
3. Labor market sector  38
4. Competition and business environment sector  39
Implementation of the economic adjustment programme  40
Conclusion  41
References  41
Reny Fitriana Kaban
The World in Economic Crisis: What Are the Causes and the Impact on Asia, Particularly Indonesia  43
Introduction  43
The causes of economic crisis  44
1. The global financial crisis in 2008  44
2. The sovereign debt crisis of the euro area  45
Causes of European Union debt crisis  47
The European debt crisis: implications for Asia  48
Impact of the crisis  49
Public debt financing in Asia less at risk  49
Systemic implications for macroeconomic coordination in Asia and the Pacific  52
The Euro crisis and its impact on Indonesia’s economy  54
Conclusion  55
References  56
Marcin Grabowski
Monetary Integration in Europe and Asia and Economic Crises  57
Optimum currency area  58
European monetary union and convergence criteria  60
Asian monetary integration  67
Conclusion  70
References  72
Loretta Huszák
Holistic Approach and Intellectual Property  75
1. Economic crises and intellectual property  75
2. IP and economic growth  76
3. How are IPRs structured  79
4. NIPOs adapting to changing realities: the holistic approach  84
5. Copyright issues in the portfolio of national IP offices  85
6. Increased attention to enforcement issues among the NIPOs  87
7. Innovation support and NIPOs  90
8. Conclusion: a holistic approach in the administration of IPRs  91
References  92
Sarojini Imran
Opportunities and Challenges for Tourism between European and Southeast Asian Countries  95
Introduction  95
Tourism in Europe  97
Economics in Southeast Countries  99
Top Ten Country/Regional Sources of Visitors to ASEAN as of 30 June 2012  101
ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2011–2015  104
Analysis  104
Conclusion  105
References  106
Paweł Laidler
The Economic Crisis in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections: Challenges and Expectations  107
References  123
Csaba Mate Sarnyai, Tibor Pap
The Role of Dynamic Democracy in the Formation of Europe-level Solidarity and Identity  127
1. Introduction  127
1.1. Preliminary comments on the context  127
1.2. A theoretically-minded lead-in  128
1.3. The role of subsystem structures in the social inclusion of economy  130
1.4. The possible roles of ‘state’ and politics in the proces of Europeanization  131
2. Models of interpretation  133
2.1. The social-theoretical basis of the policies aiming at mitigating Inequities  133
2.2. Interactions between subsystems of socjety  134
3. Dynamic democracy  135
3.1. Ideal types of representational politics in the 19th and 20th centuries  135
3.2. Changing trends in political representation at the turn of the millennium  135
3.3. The inactivity of the EU and representation  136
3.4. How is efficient EU-representation possible in popular democracies?  137
4. The mutual irritations of subsystems: interpenetration of specific policies  138
5. Summary  139
References  140

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