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Wielogłos 2 (10)_4

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Jest możliwa. Krytyka feministyczna

Inga Iwasiów

Wielogłos, vol. 2 (10) 2011, pp. 44-49
Kraków 2012
Published online October 20, 2012


The bibliography of Polish academic feminist criticism is so vast that it would seem to require an equally extensive monograph as the one which Krystyna Kłosińska devoted to world criticism. Kłosińska’s book entitled Feministyczna krytyka literacka /Feminist Literary Criticism/ was arranged in such a way as to point to the most important debates, including that of dialogism and the flourishing of discourses. In such a presentation, one perceive the attitude of both authoresses to the most important theoretical conceptions; the reading practices and the new matrixes created in their consequence as well as the new trails to be followed. Attempts to place the gender discourse in a wider context of literature studies have been undertaken in Poland already before,
usually with the view of shedding light on the foreign tradition. In her article, the authoress describes these attempts, pointing fi rstly to the historical-literary revendications undertaken primarily in the academic space, and secondly: the gender criticism of culture reviving the extra-academic discourse.

Słowa kluczowe: gender, krytyka feministyczna, historia literatury, krytyka kultury, krytyka akademicka.

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